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Trade99 Review 2020

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Trade99 Review
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Trade99 review

Online trading is getting popular day by day, and the main reason behind its popularity is the provision of making a good amount of money through trading. Buying and selling of the assets online by sitting in your comfortable space is financially attractive. The smallest fluctuation in the market can bring a huge profit to a trader which is why trading has gained interest in many people all over the world. The financial market never sleeps; so never does the opportunity of making profit ceases. A trader can make a profit, irrespective of the falling and rising of the market. The only thing that a trader needs to earn a profit is the skill to speculate the market conditions accurately. A right trading platform is very important to enhance the chance of making a profit. If a trader picks an inefficient trading platform, he will reduce his profit-making opportunities. A good online broker will provide the news alerts, reports and tools that are needed to predict the market condition accurately.

Another thing that makes trading highly popular is the low capital requirement. Any trader can start trading by investing just hundreds of dollars. A newcomer can learn trading without having to invest thousands of dollars in the market. In addition, the internet is full of many educational resources which are helpful in understanding the trading basics. Because of all these reasons trading nowadays is not as complicated as it used to be in previous days. Now trading doesn’t need you to have a deep knowledge of economics!

The financial market is fluctuating and finding the right trading platform has become more important. However, for most of the traders searching for a good and reputed trading platform is a massive headache. When you are shortlisting the right online brokerage firm, there are few things to take care of. The first and foremost thing that you should look while picking the online brokerage firm is security. Luckily there are few ways through which you can check the credibility of the firms. You should check for the regulatory agencies that affiliate the brokerage firm. If a firm is not backed by any reputed regulatory agency, then probably that firm is not reliable.

Another thing to keep in mind is the transaction cost of the firm. For every trade, brokerage firms’ charge transaction fees. So you should look for a brokerage firm having minimum transaction fees, but that doesn’t mean that you pick a firm which is unregulated. Most of the fraudulent online firms keep low transaction fees to attract the traders but beware of them as they can be scammers. Most importantly, a firm should have an easy withdrawal policy. The withdrawal of the funds should be speedy and smooth. There is no reason why a firm keeps your profit with them.

An excellent online brokerage firm will provide a trading platform that is easy to use and reliable. A trading platform should offer great charts and analytical tools to help the traders in making the right trading decisions and in increasing their chances of profit-making. Here at Trade99 Review, we provide Trade99 Review provided directly from our customers while trading with Trade99. Which can help you to choose the right trading option where you can invest and get a high return.

Trade99 is one such renowned trading platform that allows trading in multiple assets with the aim to increase the profit-making chances of the traders. The MetaTrader5 has advanced tools and analytical charts that are needed to speculate the financial market trends accurately. The top-class customer support and provision of trading in multiple assets make it an idle online brokerage firm to start trading on.
Trade99 Pros:

  1. Excellent customer support service.
  2. Top-class educational resources.
  3. Easy withdrawals and multiple ways to make deposits.

Trade99 Cons:

  1. High Spreads.

Reliability – Trade99 is one of the most reputed online brokerage firms, which is operated by Nohelious International Marketing Operations Limited. The firm has its main office located in Dominica. The firm has recently attained the membership of the Financial Commission, and the membership is going to grant many benefits to the clients. The membership will offer the protection of up o 20,000 Euros for the complaint filed. The Financial Commission acts as a mediator to resolve the disputes between the two parties. By getting the membership of the Financial Commission, Trade99 has earned the trust of many traders.

In addition, to keep the things transparent and legal, the firm strictly complies with AML and KYC policies. To discourage the money launderers, the firm asks for the government-approved residential and identification proof of the trader. While signing up, a trader needs to fill out his basic details including his name, address, date of birth etc. The step is to prevent black money from getting into the financial market.

Multiple accounts – Trade99 is one of the firms that offer various accounts to its traders. A trader can sign up for any type of account considering his risk appetite and trading experiences.The five types of accounts that Trade99 offers are Supreme Account, Limitless Account, Absolute Account, Infinite Account, and Eclat Account.A Supreme account is best for new traders as it has a low minimum deposit limit of $300. This account type is for the traders who are new in the world of trading and who don’t want to risk a lot of money. For a Limitless account, the minimum limit of the deposit is $1,000. For Absolute account holders, the minimum limit of the deposit is $5,000. $10,000 is the minimum limit of deposit for the Infinite account holders. And $25,000 is the minimum limit of deposit for the Eclat account holders.

All the accounts offer different kind of facilities to its holders. The higher the account type, the more are the premium facilities that a trader gets to enjoy. One of the best features of the firm is that no matter what the account type is, the firm offers great resources to its traders. The resources are available in various formats, including eBook, pdf and videos. A trader can read and learn about the basics of trading in an easy manner. The firm also provides trading alerts, webinars and video update from time to time. Personal account managers are available for high account holders who are ready to guide you at the time of need. If a trader needs to upgrade his account type, he will need to increase his trading volume along with the deposit amount.

Once the trader has completed his sign up process, he can make the deposits. The deposits are immediately shown on the balance sheet of the trader. After depositing the amount, a trader can start trading on the trading platform of the firm.

Withdrawal and deposits – Trade99 allows the deposition from multiple ways, including credit/debit cards like VISA and master card, bank wire, Bitcoins etc. However, it doesn’t support the popular payment modes like Skrill and Neteller. Deposits are easy and quick. Deposits are quickly visible on the balance sheet. Withdrawal takes little time but it is also an easy process. The firm charges the withdrawal and transaction fees that is competitive considering the market standards. However, the spreads of Trade99 is comparatively on the higher side. But for the quality of service that it offers, it is acceptable.

Trading platform and tools – Trade99 offers MetaTrader5 trading platform, which is one of the best trading platforms out there. The platform is specially designed to analyze the price of the assets. MetaTrader5 provide accessibility to various useful tools that are needed by the traders to make their trade profitable. MT5 comes with various inclusions and extra features than its previous variant MT4. MT5 has all the features of MT4 in addition to some extra features. MT5 comes with 21-time frames while MT4 offers just 8 frames. In MT5, a trader can place a buy and sell stop limit. The trading platform offers trading orders for various kinds of assets, including Indicies, Soft Commodities, Precious Metals, Energy Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, Mutual Funds, ETF Trading, Forex, etc. The trading platform offers many trading tools and technical indicators needed to analyze the financial market. The platform also offers economic calendars and financial news which is must to decide whether to sell or buy an asset. MT5 also offers trade signal to its traders which is usually a signal to either buy or sell the assets. The signals are generated automatically by the mathematical algorithm based on the market condition and trends.

The trading platform is also easily accessible from mobile devices like tablets, mobile phones etc. which allows the traders to trade from anywhere and at any time. This is very suitable for the traders who are always travelling and still wants to be updated with their balance sheet and market condition. From streaming data to portfolio management, Trade99 offers all its features on mobile to make trading easy for its traders.

Multiple assets – Trade99 is one of the renowned firms offering multiple assets in the industry. The firm offers trading in more than 190 assets including forex, securities, ETFs, precious metals, indices and cryptocurrencies. It’s among the very few online brokerage firms offering such vast numbers of assets to trade on. The firm has become popular among the traders because of the availability of many assets as it allows them to trade in any assets they want.

Customer support – Customer support – Trade99 is known for its top-notch customer service. The support team is knowledgeable and polite. They are available 24/7 and are eager to provide you with the solution to the problems. A good customer support services is a vital key to keep the customer happy and satisfied with the services. The support team of Trade99 brings smile n the traders’ face by offering a quick resolution of their problems.

Additionally, Trade99 also has a dedicated support section like 24/7 Live support, Chat support, Ticket support, Accounting support & Trading support, where a trader can find the solution of his/her problems related to trading.
Why choose Trade99?
Trade99 is an online brokerage firm which has made a successful impression in the heart of users. It has gained the membership of the Financial Commission. The firm has invested heavily to keep its funds secured and encrypted so that no personal details of the transactions can be stolen. Strict compliance with the KYC and AML norms make this firm reliable and trustworthy. The excellent trading platform that Trade99 offers has advanced trading tools designed to offer a great trading experience. This trading platform is suitable for both novice and seasoned traders.

The huge selection of educational resources is unique to Trade99. The educational resources are created by the market experts after keeping the needs of the traders in mind. The resources are available in different formats, including pdfs, eBooks, and video which is accessible to all traders irrespective of their account types.

The excellent customer support service which is available 24/7 is one of the best features of Trade99. They are quick to reply to your queries in the most polite way. The FAQ section of the website is very helpful for the new traders who want to start trading without any hassle.

Considering all the features of Trade99, we can say that it is one of the best online brokerage firms available currently. The firm looks forward to boosting the trading experience of all kind of users including newcomers and experienced ones.
Trade99 Review: Our Conclusion!
Financial market is full of uncertainty and firms like Trade99 increases the profit-making chances for the traders, by providing them advanced trading tools to analyze the market. The firm has made a good reputation in the market in just a few years.

An easy-to-use trading platform where anyone can trade in more than 190 tradable assets like ETFs, Bonds, Futures, Stocks, Precious metals etc. makes Trade99 a unique online brokerage firm. The market is full of fraudulent brokerage firm but Trade99 offers it’s transparent and reliable services to its traders through an excellent trading platform and customer support service.